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May – June 2014 Trestle BoardWhat’s inside:

  • Bro. Albert Mackey
  • Lecture by: Very Wor. Allen L. Casalou: Grand Secrtary of the Grand Lodge of California
April – May 2014 Trestle BoardWhat’s inside:

  • Bro. Harry Truman, PGM
March – April 2014 Trestle BoardWhat’s inside:

  • Bro. Voltaire
  • A Friend Before A Brother
  • “The Light, the Dark, and the Color” Lecture
Feb – March 2014 Trestle BoardWhat’s inside:

  • Annual Officers Installation
  • To Hail or Hale
  • Bro. John Yarker
November 2013 Trestle BoardWhat’s inside:

  • Annual Christmas Party
  • Volume of Sacred Law
  • Hiram Award -Bro. Vram Martirosyan
October 2013 Trestle BoardWhat’s inside:

  • Pictures Golden Veterans Award Wor. Felix Colon
  • Some explanation of Lodge Refreshment
  • Celebrating Scars
September 2013 Trestle BoardWhat’s inside:

  • New Format!
  • Pictures and winners from the Family Picnic
  • Definition of a Mason
  • Annual Dinner Dance Info
June Trestle Board July and August 2013 Trestle BoardWhat’s inside:

  • Don’t Call It A Hobby
  • Golden Veterans Award pictures of Wor. Robert Thomas Woodburn, Wor.
    Bruce Leroy Conroy, and Bro Richard
    Frank Emerson
June Trestle Board June 2013 Trestle BoardWhat’s inside:

  • I Pledge Allegiance
  • Mystery of the Secret Word
  • Wor. Mountjoy recipient of the Golden Veterans Award pictures
May Trestle Board May 2013 Trestle Board
What’s inside:

  • A Dose of Positive Attitude
  • Masonic Wages
  • Freemasons Viewpoint on: Crimes Against Humanity pictures
April Trestle Board April 2013 Trestle Board
What’s inside:

    • Hoodwinked!
    • The More You Fail The More You Win
    • Repairing our World by Improving Ourselves pictures
March Trestle Board March 2013 Trestle BoardWhat’s inside:

  • Bound by a Cable Tow
  • Where are you going?
February Trestle Board Feb 2013 Trestle Board
What’s inside:

    • 2013 Installation
    • Not Yet Quitting Time
January Trestle Board

Jan 2013 Trestle Board

What’s inside:

  • Mari Gras Party! Saturday February 16, 2013
  • Social nights at the lodge
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