Brethren, Due to the fact that all the April 24th Armenian Genocide Commemoration Programs are cancelled this year due to Covid-19, including the Program at the Armenian Genocide Martyrs Memorial Monument in Montebello, Ca where we have been attending for the past few years as California Freemasons to join the community in commemoration, we will join the rest of the Armenian Community around the world by broadcasting a live stream program on Glendale Lodge’s Facebook Page and website. The program put together will be of the following: • Informative Discussion Panels • Live Performances from Homes • Messages from Community Leaders & Others Our fight on Crimes Against Humanity spearhead by the examples of the Armenian Genocide will continue more than ever before, specially living in such times when history needs to be reminded of the past to prevent such horrific acts in the present and in the future. Let us not forget Darfur, Rwanda, Cambodia, The Jewish Holocaust, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Stalins Forced Famin and many more…….

via Glendale Masonic Lodge